Ubuntu time not updating Teenager xxxweb cam

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Ubuntu time not updating

Be very careful of guides telling you to run hwclock —systohc, unless your system time and entire server is running in UTC time, do not set your hardware clock with local time using hwclock —systohc.

PLEASE NOTE: my time zone is Africa/Johannesburg 0200 so what you see below as the output from timedatectl is correct.

But if you are a little paranoid like I am I have written a little shell script running with CRON below which, for now, emails me every 6 hours to confirm everything is 100% in tune and synced correctly.

It’s just my little extra step of caution over the next few weeks and once I am happy I will disable this cronjob and just leave Monit to take over.

$ timedatectl Local time: Wed 2018-03-21 AEDT Universal time: Tue 2018-03-20 UTC RTC time: Tue 2018-03-20 Time zone: Australia/Sydney (AEDT, 1100) System clock synchronized: yes systemd-timesyncd.service active: yes RTC in local TZ: no we can also see the configured timezone.

In order to have an accurate time and time synchronization to work properly, the system has to be configured with the correct timezone.

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I will simply just provide you with the correct fix and it will take you all of a minute or two to fix.

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