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Thanks for your help Chris If (big if there) I remember correctly you only need the current year to satisfy any legal ramifications. That you are the one who wrote it is enough to give you copyright.I know some of the big corps do year - year but I'm not sure that's required for web pages. What copyright notice you specify on the page if any is up to you.

You should maintain a proper copyright notice and a license notice in each nontrivial file in the package.But if contributors are not all assigning their copyrights to a single copyright holder, it can easily happen that one file has several copyright holders.Each contributor of nontrivial text is a copyright holder. Well being a new year I am wondering how to adjust my copyright for my site.If I built my site in 2008, would I change it to now say copyright 2009 or copyright 2008-2009 As you have to track the year you first started it and then which ever year it is?

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It might be in the file, or it might be displayed when the program starts up.