Updating enc charts

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The Norwegian Mapping Authority is responsible for producing and updating the country's official electronic navigational charts (ENCs).

ENCs are primarily aimed at professional navigators.

A nominal fee is charged for the charts to support this impressive effort by enthusiasts.

Venture Farther kaps plugin makes it possible to produce KAP charts from satellite images 'on the fly.' This is a free windows-only program that semi-automatically creates kap charts from Google Earth and other sources.

All vessels above a stipulated size are required to navigate using official nautical charts, either in the form of approved and updated paper charts, or an approved ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display System).

All who navigate using ECDIS are obliged to sail using updated ENCs.An ECS system must therefore be considered purely as a navigational aid, and cannot be used as a legal replacement for paper charts on board vessels. As a result, the system does not comply with the ECDIS requirements.The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has therefore not approved raster charts as equal to paper charts, but still permits use of raster data in ECDIS if there is no relevant ENC data for the area.This may be because the manufacturer does not consider the information as relevant for the recreational user, or because it is technically impossible to include.There is therefore a difference between an official electronic chart (ENC) and electronic charts that are used in chartplotters.

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In Norway, Kartverket is the authorized charting authority.