Updating heating from radiators to vents

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Updating heating from radiators to vents

For slenderized series, first number denotes the number of tubes and approximate depth of the radiator (4-1/2" for 4x19 & 4x25; 6-7/8" for 6x25 ), while the second indicates the height.For cast ray series, both numbers denote actual depth and height respectively.Aside from the fact that it can also raise your energy bill, closing your vents can lead to a system break down, and potentially throw off the warm air distribution in other parts of your home if you have a vent return system.Looking to save money on your heating bill this winter?Do I need to install an air eliminator with these or will the air bleeders/vents work fine?For hot water installation, air eliminators (also known as air separators) are highly recommended, since cast iron rusts easily in presence of oxygen and air eliminators help to capture and vent excess air molecules from the system water.

If you are knowledgeable about your HVAC systems, you'll be able to communicate any problems with your service technician better and avoid overpaying for service.The furnace blows warm air through a system of ducts and out into each room through warm air registers or grills. More often than not, boilers are natural gas or heat oil powered.They work by heating water, which then flows into radiators in various rooms.In addition, cast ray radiators are twice as heavy (section to section comparison) as cast tube. A: Only the 5x20 cast ray series are designed to be recessed (10-20% reduction in BTU output).Cast tube slenderized radiators are not designed for a recessed (in-wall) installation. Pipe sizes are generally based on radiator surface area (sqft - see individual product specs for details) and the recommendations are as follows: For hot water (2-pipe - 1 supply and 1 return): 1/2" for circuit (loop) 100 sqft and below, 3/4" for over 100 sqft. Yes, it is normal for the radiator to have a tiny wobble because it’s a large 1-piece rigid assembly.

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If you have ceiling fans, they can also help you save money by making your heating more efficient.

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