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Use it by itself or in combination with Simply File for automatically saving and archiving filed messages.

Scripting API allows you to develop your own logic for processing incoming messages.

This makes it easy to find the right messages later.

Map Outlook folders to destination file folders and enable Message Save Scheduler for automatic, unattended message saving.

The Auto Updater will connect to the Internet to determine what Microsoft software updates are required for your computer (if any).

If you see a message stating "there are no updates available," you can skip to step 7.

As each update is ready, its installer will launch. You may be prompted to enter your user account (Mac password).

The combination of Message Save and Quick Jump is an outstanding and easy-to-use way to store, find and manage our e-mail documents." "We are a large International Engineering Consultancy.

This is time consuming and file folders are not up to date.

Message safe does the job faster and easier in a format that complies with our Quality Management System." "Amazing. At our university, there is a need to document activities that occur on campus, and many of that comes through our e-mail system.

If updates are required, you'll see a list like the one at left.

Make sure the Install checkbox is checked for each update in the list, then click the Install button to continue.

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