Updating records in a dataset vb net

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Updating records in a dataset vb net

remarks = allremarks() Dim failflag As Boolean If checkflag100() = True Then 'True means all courses were passed then turn on Flag failflag = True Else failflag = False End If If conn. Ole Db Command("SELECT * FROM 100Level1st Semester WHERE Mat NO like '%" cmb MATNO. To String() in this way seemed a bit loose rather than strongly typed. Units In Stock The key point to know is that when you created your Data Adapter there will be 3 object types created for you in the namespace.Is there a way for me to reference the column name at design time where intellisense would detect it and then I would just refence the row index. To String() but as I said before, I was wondering if here's a better way because Ive seen in various tutorials where the column name can be referenced if you loop through the datatable using a datarow object. 1 - My Adapter2 - My Table3 - My Row You can also access specific rows using the following logic.Hi im having problems updating corrections from my VB. I get the following error: "Syntax error in update statement" or "Data Mismatch error in criteria expression" Here's the code below: Public Function save1stsemester() 'this code updates 1st semester records to database Dim ds As New Data Set Dim db Source As String Dim conn As New Ole Db. OLEDB.4.0;" db Source = "Data Source =C:\CGPA\e-CGPA Stat\e-CGPA Stat\bin\Debug\Scoredata.mdb; Persist Security Info=False" conn.

This makes it much easier to read the command string and verify proper syntax.

In this section, you will add a button that enables client data changes to be saved back to the database.

The following section will show you how to test updating, inserting, and deleting the data.

Thanks, ABB s that are unique (within single dataset) but impossible in the database. Then, when you save dataset changes to database, all new parent rows will get real THIS SHOULD BE DONE BEFORE CHILD ROWS '--- Now Add Child Rows!!! Add TOrder Detail Row(dr Order, "detail Value1") my DS. Add TOrder Detail Row(dr Order, "detailvalue2") '.... '--- Update Parent table first my Table Adapter TOrder. TOrder) '--- As soon as you run this Update above for parent, the new parent row's Auto ID(-1) '--- will become real number given by SQL server.

there are multiple ways to add a row into tables.... And also new rows in child table will '--- have the updated parent ID '--- Now update child table my Table Adapter TOrder Detail.

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Then you add a parameter to your command for each one, in the same order they appear in your command string.