Updating remote desktop

Posted by / 28-Oct-2020 06:13

Password changes are a common occurance but it appears no thought was given to how that would impact heavily-used features like storing credentials.That feature is excellent when it works but I can't trust it because every password update it fails so I am forced to manually enter credentials from other password vaults every time I log in.One of our clients has reported remote desktop issues, when performing a remote desktop session from Windows 10 to a Windows 7 PC.The first issue is that local printers are no longer accessible from the remote desktop session.Why does it work in one version and fail in the next?Nothing changed on my Mac, just a new version of this tool that says "bug fixes" for release notes.However, it is constantly updating and intruducing new issues and there seems to be no stability.Biggest problem I face all the time is copy-paste failing which is an absolutely critical component of the tool.

For me, the passwords were empty after moving the .rdg-file to a new environment, as the passwords are not stored in the file itself.The server will automatically create a self-signed certificate to encrypt the connection and the Remote Desktop Connection client will show a certificate error due to the untrusted CA.I have a CA signed certificate issued to the FQDN of this server and valid for server authentication (I’m using it for MSSQL Server remote access). All tutorials (like this question) I’ve found so far describe the process for the Remote Desktop Services or Terminal Service. to set the certificate thumbprint value should work without any additional feature installation.If you installed it in the context of a service account that MSSQL is running as, you might also need to install it into the Personal or Remote Desktop store for the "Local Computer" as well.Once it's in there, you just need to update the The guides referring to Remote Desktop Services / Terminal Services are also applicable to a server that's just running the default RDP service - it's just a more limited instance of the same service.

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