Updating routing table

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Updating routing table

A routing table contains the information necessary to forward a packet along the best path toward its destination.

Each packet contains information about its origin and destination.

By the end of this article, we hope the readers will be able to read the routing table and get useful information from it, as well as understand how to add routing information and policies on Vigor Router.The router makes the routing decision according to the “routing table” maintained by the router, which is a list of the preferred routes to various networks.When receiving a packet, the router looks up the packet's destination IP in the routing table, find the best match, then send the packets to the specified interface and gateway IP address.Currently, Vigor Router supports RIPv2, some high-end models support BGP, and Linux-based models also supports OSPF.To allow Vigor Router to share its routing information and receive from other routers, we need to enable “RIP Protocol Control” at LAN Details Page.

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After you click “OK” and save the profile, the route will be added to the Routing Table, and there will be an “S” mark in front of the entry.

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