Updating seagate firmware on a mac updating maps on tomtom go 920

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It’s incredible the coverage generated by yesterday’s blog article on the further i Mac upgrade restrictions.I’d like to personally address some questions, context, and provide additional technical detail concerning this issue.

Apple i Mac Specs do confirm all factory hard drives are 7200RPM.

While the fans are definitely noticeable in an quiet space, Apple does use fans that are very quiet even at higher speeds.

The noise I observed is more from actual air movement through the channels vs. In my opinion, the following should be an industry standard thing…. Currently, each Hard Drive manufacturer has different pins for the available thermal sensor line found on today’s hard drives.

Same Western Digital WD1001FALS 1.0TB Caviar Black 7200RPM 32MB Cache 3Gbp/s model as we found in one of our factory i Macs, but this one was pulled out of one of our 2010 Apple Mac Pros.

This is an Apple Factory/Apple Rom unit from before these new i Macs rolled out of the same drive model p/n of one of the 1TB models we’ve so far seen used in the new i Mac 2011.

updating seagate firmware on a mac-80updating seagate firmware on a mac-56updating seagate firmware on a mac-16

Nor can I back up on my home network, I get error message saying I need 1 gb of free space on my phone ( I have 15).

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