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The what, why, and how of competency models -- How competency models can enhance HRM systems -- Competency models, laying the groundwork -- Developing a competency model from scratch -- Finalizing ...

It is vital that organizations, large and small, have thoughtfully considered their development and use. FMP Consulting has more than 25 years of experience developing and validating competency models, working in partnership to gain an inside perspective into the specific, behavior-based indicators of successful performance.

The recent financial crises have emphasised the critical role that central banks, in particular their bank supervisors and regulators, could and should play in stabilising the financial sector to curb the potential spread of economic and financial instability internationally.

(Leadership in Performance & Change)Over the past four to five years, the role of central banks has grown increasingly important globally in respect of national and international financial and economic stability.

A more complete way of approaching this is to link individual performance to the goals of the business.

To do this, many companies use "competencies." These are the integrated knowledge, skills, judgment, and attributes that people need to perform a job effectively.

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More specifically, the study was intended to enable central banks to have a “common language” for describing central banker competencies.