Validating software requirements

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Validating software requirements

The procedure should reference ISO 13416 and outline a risk-based approach to evaluating current, updated, and new software that will be used in the quality system.This procedure will help guide your company to properly evaluating all QMS software throughout its lifecycle.If you decide to use a Gap Analysis during software evaluation, we recommend starting with a requirement review, which includes a user, system, and software level analysis.Requirement management serves as the foundation for software development and use within the quality system.Adjustments will need to be made to your quality system, both as procedures and as records, in order to show your company's compliance with the new revision.The first detail to focus on is the creation of a ­quality procedure, or SOP, for the evaluation and validation of software used in the quality system.So, while only 3% of US based companies are ready for their new ISO 13416 audit, our client was able to breeze through their audit with the support of the Greenlight Guru e QMS platform.

The next step in your software lifecycle assessment is a review of the software system architecture and software design rationale.Without full traceability of the software, it would be difficult to achieve compliance of managing risk and efficacy throughout its lifecycle.This traceability starts from the software requirements and follows through to risk analysis and verification and/or validation activities.This client had recently moved their quality system to the Greenlight Guru e QMS platform.Clients of Greenlight Guru are provided with a full validation package (IQ/OQ/PQ) to help them properly validate their system and show compliance to the new standard.

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Most auditing organizations have either cut off ISO 13403 recertifications or are doing so very soon.