Who is chelsy davy dating

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Who is chelsy davy dating

Harry spent part of his gap year in Argentina, working on a polo farm and improving his polo.

While he was there, Chelsy flew out to be with him.

It has been years since Prince Harry and Davy broke up, but many still believe that Davy is the one that got away for Prince William’s younger brother.Prince Harry - married to Meghan Markle - is now based in the UK as the pair expect their first born.However, back in 2008, Harry was serving in the army out in Afghanistan, which proved to be a chance for the Prince to enjoy ‘normal’ life.The underwear, in fact, belonged to a stripper rather than to Zimbabwean-born Chelsy.The present was all part of a prank carried by Harry's army colleagues, Nicholls claimed.“In fact, the underwear belonged to a stripper and was a parting gift from Captain Leigh-Wood, who was heading home for a brief respite from the front line,” said the author.

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Because after all, royalty is about theatre, and Meghan [knows] all about that.”Davy was Prince Harry’s first love.

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