Who is lil mama dating now

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It proves t Atlanta rapper, Lil Baby, is often seen with a child in his Instagram account but he hasn’t any wife. But his admirers wonder if his girlfriend, Jayda Ayanna is the mother of his child. Jayda announced that she is pregnant with her first child.

But unfortunately, Jayda isn’t the mother of Lil Baby’s child. According to Jayda Ayanna posted a photo of herself on Instagram and confirmed that she is pregnant.” song will cement their set in Top Chart of Billboard.

Born in Harlem, NY, Lil Mama took to music and dance at an early age.

Kanye West's Taylor Swift speech interruption at the 2009 VMAs might be the most famous moment of that night, but it wasn't the only stage crash.

Niatia Kirkland, better known as Lil Mama, is a multifaceted and dynamic entertainer, singer, rapper, songwriter, actress, and exceptional dancer.

Lil Mama is known for her keen spirit, and in addition to her artistic abilities, she is an inspirational speaker and entrepreneur.

“I was trying to bring you around some real niggas,” she said in a second video that’s now been deleted from her page. “There are so many things that I could address about this show, but I’m not going to let everything pull my attention,” Lil Mama added before addressing Bow Wow and his ex-girlfriend Kiyomi, who threatened to “slap” her for allegedly pushing up on Bow. Before we start talking about a female beating my ass or anything like that let’s just be clear: I will smack the sh*t out of you.

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