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This decision allows the show to navigate some of the trickier aspects of bisexual representation.Because of a common assumption that the gender of someone’s love interest determines that person’s sexuality, viewers can often read characters as either straight or gay only.entered new territory with the episode “Daddy Darhkest.” The hour revolved around the guest appearance of John Constantine (played by Matt Ryan), a mystically empowered, chain-smoking, trench coat–wearing warlock—who is also bisexual.For the show to openly explore his attraction to both men and women onscreen was a big deal given how the character had previously been portrayed.And the heroic self that “comes out” is nearly always monogamous and monosexual: someone who has eyes for only one gender and one person. Consider the romantic (and still mainly heterosexual) motives, plots, and displays of intimacy at the core of many on-screen superhero origin stories: Spider-Man’s web-slinger identity is sealed with a kiss from Mary Jane.

Fans who were frustrated by this consistent “straight-washing” may have felt some relief when the And indeed it doesn’t.Some viewers might worry that depicting Constantine’s attraction as wide-ranging and unpredictable risks reproducing a couple of stereotypes: There’s the promiscuous bisexual, who wants to have it all, and the confused bisexual, who doesn’t know what he wants yet.But it’s precisely ’s reluctance to foreclose on the ambiguity of Constantine’s desire that I, and many other viewers, find bold and exciting.“Daddy Darhkest” notably portrays bisexuality as an expansive form of desire, rather than as a rigidly defined identity—and it’s a notion that runs counter to the mythology of authentic selfhood that has long dominated superhero stories. But this trope of heroic self-revelation is alluring because it romanticizes the idea of an authentic, clearly defined, hidden self.Read enough superhero comics or watch enough Marvel and DC movies, and you’ll notice that bold proclamations of identity are everywhere.“My name is Wally West. It is, in a way, a coming-out metaphor—one that suggests a hero’s ultimate goal should be to uncover and better understand who he or she really is.

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