Who is victoria principal dating now dating a guy who never had a girlfriend

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Who is victoria principal dating now

Their mother is almost 90 and still in good health.

The last I heard she was living most of the time in Vegas and stays in Miami for a few months out of the year.

From everything I have read over the years, from Barry Gibb to Victoria herself, they both loved each other very much, but Andy couldn't stay away from drugs and she finally left him over it - leading to his becoming more dependent on drugs until his death.

Victoria is a very driven woman who can't deal with inperfections of any kind.

“She purposely wanted to divorce herself from the Pam Ewing connection so that her entire industry would not be ‘Victoria Principal/Pam Ewing’ products.”Adds a friend, “it might be fine for the other for the other old cast members like Duffy, Larry Hagman and Linda Gray to revisit the past but Victoria thinks bringing the show back after 21 years is a trip down memory lane she doesn’t want any part of-no matter how much money they wave in her face.” Hagman, who plays J. Ewing, and Duffy, have even called pleading with her to sign up.

“Victoria tells him she’s not turning her back on them – she’s turning her back on the show,” the source says.

In terms of Andy & VP, in Tanya Tucker's autobiography she claims that she and Andy were good friends.

Andy was never going to be a big enough star to make her happy.From what I have read from Andy's friends was that he fell in love Pam Barnes and Victoria didn't act like Pam in real live.Also Victoria was using as well but nowhere near the level that Andy was.Larry Hagman, Linda Gray and Patrick Duffy all returned faithfully to the new series, and are as good as ever, but Victoria just said ‘’ when they begged her to join them.The real reason Victoria is not appearing on the red-hot TV remake is that she has become too rich and too important!

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She did answer a couple of times when called but hung up when she found it was Joan. Joan kept goading Kercheval to spill on how VP was a real bitch on the set and no one liked her. His story is a very sad one, as are all substance abuse stories with tragic endings, of which there are millions. Later, she pulled me aside and asked me to "look out after her boy" after they returned home. So sad that he broke their hearts."She got him hooked."Not true.