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Windows not validating

If you just double-click the log file in the Panther folder, you will receive an “access denied” error message.

Note that this discrepancy affects all user accounts that have been created on the machine.

I have been waiting for their reply for nearly a month but lots of disappointment with the Microsoft Theme in Singapore.

I do not know how long can they take to let me know when is the site ready for validation and I trust Microsoft have a productive team to deal with these.

However, I believe the most likely reason for the above error message in Windows 10 is that sysprep ran into problems with the new Windows apps.

These apps are still somehow alien to Windows, and you have to treat them with great caution in your reference image.

Till now, I'm still not able to get my windows validate.

Make sure that you understand these concepts if you are working with Windows 10 images.

For instance, in my test, I installed an alarm clock app from the Windows Store.

These are the possible causes for app-related sysprep failures that I am aware of: The bottom line here is that, whenever a discrepancy exists between installed and provisioned apps, sysprep will not be able to validate your Windows installation.

I outlined the difference between provisioned and installed apps in my previous post.

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After that when my window get corrupted by the windows update, I contacted Microsoft Technical Theme who then tell me that the technical helpdesk personnel who spoken to me have resigned.

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