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Piggott's notion that the barrow had remained open and in use for "up to a thousand years" became widely accepted.But it now appears that this was not the case: latest dating techniques and a reassessment of the 1955-6 dig indicate that the barrow's mortuary use lasted for only a generation or so - between ten and thirty years.

Sherds thought to be from the same vessel were found in the fill of several chambers and under the forecourt blocking, apparently confirming the 'single event' hypothesis.

At the very worst they might come home with a YOLO shaving across the back of their head, but then I would suggest you had more to worry about in your boyfriend than his choice of follicle topiary.

They are great in bed #fact It is scientifically proven that bald men have higher levels of testosterone than those men with hair.

This is far more useful than the dates of individual artefacts, which may already have been old when deposited.

The results are expressed as calibrated calendar dates with a percentage probability.

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However, two Stukeley drawings appear to disprove this theory.

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