Xkcd dating algorithm single fathers and dating

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Xkcd dating algorithm

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Here's a rough sketch of what you'd see as you descended through the clouds; for more, definitely check out his book.

And then, finally, we'll get to look at Jupiter's clouds from both sides.As Explain XKCD points out those two snakes are harmless.So, the inland taipan venomousness was evaluated because Hairy's depth-first search of dating problems has caused him to look up the venomousness of all snakes and put that into a spreadsheet, regardless of how likely or unlikely it is that he will encounter that snake on his date.Trying to figure out what Jupiter's clouds would look like from those pictures is like using this to reconstruct these. Author Michael Carroll has done a lot of thinking about planetary atmospheres, and his book Drifting on Alien Winds vividly describes of what it would be like to descend through Jupiter's clouds.By combining the pictures with other science data, we've been able to put together a pretty good idea of what Jupiter's atmosphere is like, but there are some pretty big questions still unanswered which make it hard to be too confident about what it would actually look like. He was also kind enough to answer some of my questions about Jupiter.

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Thanks to Rayleigh scattering, the sky would be blue, and objects far off in the distance would fade to blue just like they do on Earth.

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