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Yahoo adult chat room

The story of Yahoo Messenger was not a unique one in Yahoo’s sordid history.Flickr was equally ahead of its time in social media, but once it was acquired, Yahoo forced their users to obtain Yahoo accounts and did precisely nothing to actually benefit the product. us, as it was once known, was a site where users could publicly bookmark pages they liked, and you could see which pages had the most bookmarks.Once a booter was set loose on your screen name, your Messenger would crash and maybe even your computer.The booter would run for quite some time, meaning that, as soon as the user restarted Messenger, they would be barraged yet again, fully shut out from their account and conversations.

Yahoo wandered blindly into the right place at the right time in the 1990s by creating an electronic Yellow Pages.

Then she imposed a completely arbitrary 0 million annual sales goal because reasons, and hired a numbers-driven Amazon executive to enforce the nonsense goal while humiliating Tumblr’s founder, David Karp, by putting an ad-biz goon in charge of him.

Then, of course, there was that whole porn issue, an already daunting legal and marketing problem to which the plodding Yahoo was not equal.

The last and perhaps most acrimonious of Yahoo’s monumental fuck-ups is Tumblr.

The 2013 acquisition was the brainchild of the can-do-no-wrong Marissa Mayer and promised to finally give Yahoo the social network it needed.

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The only true defense for beleaguered users was to close off the ability for non-contacts to message them, obviating the proto-social-networking nature of Yahoo chat rooms.

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